From those iconic pool scenes to their lingering stares, we are obsessed with this YouTube series 


Has anyone else been obsessed with the Thai phenomenon that is Gap The Series? Starring Becky Armstrong and Freen Sarocha as its leads, the web series has taken YouTube by storm racking up millions of views with each episode. 

Directed by Nuttapong Wongkaveepairoj, Gap The Series is an adaptation of a book series with the same name. As Thailand’s first-ever sapphic show, Gap The Series has not disappointed fans. 

The show centres around its two female leads: Mon and Sam. Sam – also known as Lady Sam – is the centre of Mon’s world after she saved her from a car accident when Mon was younger. Mon idolises her so much that she gets a job at Sam’s company just to be closer to her. After an initially icy reception from Lady Sam, the pair slowly get closer as the episodes go on, bringing us the slow burn of all slow burns. 

We’ve loved watching the pair slowly (but surely) see how perfect they are for each other, so here are our favourite sapphic moments from Gap The Series. 

Mon’s fantasy about Sam in episode one

In episode one we are already confronted with some glorious sapphic content when Mon goes to watch Lady Sam in concert. We watch as Mon fantasises about being called on stage, dreaming about being so close to Sam that they kiss. What a way to start the series off!

The first bump into each other 

In true rom-com fashion, the first time we see Mon and Sam interact is when they bump into each other in the office. With lingering stares and a closeness that feels a little too sexual to be platonic, this scene had us dying for them to just kiss already! 

Sam smiling at their selfies 

After pretending she had an icy heart for the first few episodes, we loved seeing Sam soften up when she took selfies with Mon in the garden. 

“I’ll bite your lips” 

It was at this moment that we knew we were in for a wild ride with this pair. We audibly gasped when Sam proposed their “trade”: if Mon bit her nose, Sam would bite her lips. Who didn’t celebrate when the pair finally kissed?! 

All the NSFW scenes 

After episodes of steamy sexual tension, the NSFW scenes had us feeling a little hot under the collar. We loved seeing the different dynamics between Sam and Mon in the bedroom… and in other (definitely not safe for work) spaces…

The pool 

Speaking of steamy scenes, who can forget all those glorious sapphic scenes in the pool? From their almost kiss to their make-out sessions, we have never been so jealous of a swimming pool. 

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