It’s spooky season and time to get working on your queer costume 👻🎃


It’s that time of year again where you can dress up as fabulously as you like and be whoever you want to be. There’s no need to give up being queer for the night though, there are plenty of queer costumes and we’ve got some excellent suggestions for you.

They’re not necessarily all scary, but we all know that famous (slightly edited for effect) Mean Girls quote:

“In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Queer World, Halloween is the one day a year when you can dress up like a total queer and no one can say anything about it.”

Couples Costumes

San Junipero – Kelly and Yorkie


Set in the Black Mirror universe, decades in the future, Kelly and Yorkie sport some great outfits. Going as this duo is the perfect way to dress up in your dream 80s ensemble. 

They might be living in a simulated reality for dead people, but it is a Halloween costume, after all. 

Mean Girls – Janis Ian (“dyke”) and Damian


This is the ultimate queer duo. Janis Ian and too-gay-to-function Damian is a great choice if you’re a Mean Girls lover – they have a strong look which is fairly easy to replicate. 

Make a sign that says “she doesn’t even go here” and slick back your hair as you strut into a Halloween party as the greatest people you will ever meet. 

Call My By Your Name – Elio and Oliver


This one is unmistakably queer. 

Sometimes a simple and effective look is all you need. You will require: floral shorts, a Talking Heads T-Shirt, sunglasses, a blue shirt, white high tops and a peach. 

Orange Is The New Black – Alex and Piper


Grab your orange overalls, we’re heading to Litchfield. This one is great for a blonde and brunette duo. Inmate costumes are super easy to find online – don’t forget the tattoos and glasses for an extra touch. 

If Piper and Alex aren’t your cup of tea, other excellent characters from the show you could go as are Poussey, Big Boo or Nicky Nichols. 

Bound – Violet and Corky

This neo-noir lesbian crime thriller is the perfect inspiration for a queer Halloween costume. 

One of you needs a cleavage-popping dress and the other needs to be super hot androgynous plumber. 

Carol – Carol and Therese


You can nail a Carol/Therese costume in just a few simple steps. All you need is a lovely hat, faux fur coat, red nail polish, lipstick, gloves and a mysterious look in your eyes. 

This is definitely a great couple’s costume, but if there’s no Therese you can just leave your gloves with a lucky lady at your Halloween party. 


What’s Halloween without a vampire, and what’s better than dressing up as a vampire with your girlfriend?

Sure it’s not immediately recognisable, but if people don’t recognise this costume, that’s their problem.

Singles Costumes

Janelle Monáe’s Vagina Pants


Maybe you can buy them somewhere, but if not we’ll be seriously impressed with your DIY skills if you can manage this one.

The Pynk music video has given us serious queer costume goals forevermore.


A queer Halloween costume doesn’t get better than dressing up as the original lesbian. Sappho was a Greek poet from Lesbos who wrote plenty of romantic words for women.

You can look like a Greek goddess for the night and impress everyone with your memorised poems.



Marvel’s first LGBTQI superhero is a great choice for a queer costume. You’re sure to find your queen dressed up as this powerful lady.

Game Of Thrones – Yara Greyjoy


Yara has become a rebellious cult queer icon, so it’s no surprise that we’re strongly urging you to dress like her for some Halloween fun. 

Not the easiest of costumes to pull off, but definitely possible with some creativity.

American Horror Story – Lana Winters


This is for you vintage ladies out there. If you’ve got time to rifle through some charity shops for the right two-piece, you can perfect the Lana Winters look. No gal has ever looked bad in a two-piece and Lana’s character is suitably in-keeping with the Halloween theme. 

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