“COMING OUT captures the moment of coming out – after which, their life shall be forever changed”


Adjusting his phone camera, a young man runs his palms over his face nervously, a young woman stares into her web cam, excitedly reaching for her girlfriend’s hand.

In recent years, more and more young people have decided to come out to their friends and family in video messages on the internet.

Today, on occasion of National Coming Out Day, Peccadillo Pictures are releasing Denis Parrot’s new documentary COMING OUT. You can watch it here.

The film features a montage of both hilarious and deeply moving coming out videos posted by LGBTQI+ young people and capturing, “the moment of their coming out – after which, their life shall be forever changed.”

An authentic account of how social media has shaped current coming out narratives and young queer people’s stories, COMING OUT is one to watch.

Feeling inspired? Peccadillo invites you to share your own coming out story on their Twitter page here.

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