This autumn’s self-love anthem from London-born, Mumbai-raised singer-songwriter Saachi Sen


Today, indie-pop singer-songwriter Saachi Sen releases her new song, Dark.

The leading single for her debut solo EP beautifully translates the notion that – “In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act” – into song.

“I’m not gonna let them bring me down, ‘cause I know what I’m worth,” Saachi sings in the first verse. In the chorus, she powerfully states, “I am dark, and I love my skin, and the bones I’m in, ’cause they’re mine and they’re what God gave me” and that “I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

This autumn’s honest self-love anthem appropriates the negative connotation of “dark”, reclaiming it as a positive self-description. According to the Mumbai-born, London-raised singer-songwriter, Dark “refers to skin, but also to the idea that people who are different – whether of colour, female, LGBTQI, or anything else – could somehow be bad, evil, or lesser than those who aren’t.”

Saachi wrote the song after realising that, “although some people may treat me differently based on what I look like, I couldn’t let that make me feel anything other than proud of my ethnicity, or let those perceptions dictate who I was.” 

The song was actually written in 2015, but it took Saachi two years before she had the courage to play it in front of a live audience. This year, she performed Dark on the World Stage at Pride In London for 10,000 people.

In short, Dark captivates through its harmonious piano chords, melodious strings and – above all – Saachi’s clear, strong voice and unifying message. Check it out, DIVAs.

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