Our fave gay sisters return with I’ll Be Back Someday AND a must-read memoir


Tegan and Sara have dropped their new music video for their latest single, I’ll Be Back Someday ahead of their upcoming (ninth!) album. Hey, I’m Just Like You will drop 27 September 27, and after seeing the music video, we cannot wait!

It features the Quin sisters, serving 90s vibes with their retro clothing, waiting by their landline phone for someone to call them back. The imagery combines perfectly with the lyrics to capture the spirit of high school and the teenage desire to escape. 

The pair commented that the video is an “ode to anxiety”. “The anxiety of waiting for a message, waiting for a call, checking to see if people have posted, checking to see what our friends are doing, checking to see how many likes we have. We feel disconnected and it comes from feeling like something’s coming, but we can’t answer what it is. Because it’s nothing.”

The album artwork is also 90s inspired and brilliant. Anyone else kinda wishing they could find themselves a girlfriend plucked straight out of the 90s now?

The whole album is based on material Tegan and Sara wrote and recorded when they were teenagers, then rediscovered on two cassette tapes and re-recorded this year. Hey, I’m Just Like You is a return to these songs with contemporary production.

Oh, and if you think you’re just getting the album… they also have a memoir coming out. High School will be published before the album comes out on 24 September, telling the intricate stories of their past. 

It touches on their struggles with identity and sexuality, their parents’ divorce, first loves and first songs through alternating chapters from both Tegan’s and Sara’s points of view. 

The book, the pair have said, will answer questions like, “How did you start your band? When did you know that you were gay? What were you like before Tegan and Sara?” 

Keep your fingers crossed for UK tour dates. If Tegan and Sara weren’t already your LGBTQI icons, we’re sure they are now. 🏳️‍🌈

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