Bette’s running for mayor, Alice has her own talk show and Shane’s a-shagging – have I died and gone to lesbian heaven?


The L Word: Generation Q just casually dropped their first trailer and – as they correctly predicted – gay panic immediately ensued.

This teaser is serving everything you wanted and more. Bette’s back in a power suit, Alice can’t believe how long it’s been (same here, babes) and Shane’s doing what Shane does best – making women go all gooey before ripping their clothes right off. (Side note: have you ever noticed that every time Shane walks into a room someone leaves crying… and/or topless?)

As well as plenty of OG action, there’s a cheeky lil’ glimpse of all the new faces in town. They’re diverse, horny and I’m buying what they’re selling. Welcome to the fam, queers!

The countdown is now officially on for the series premiere on 8 December. Until then, I recommend you get your kicks watching the following video on repeat.

The mothership is coming home.


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