Shrewd, lewd and almost nude


Tara Rankine’s comedy combines cabaret and storytelling to retell her embarrassing experiences and the messy realities of past love, sex and relationships. 

The audience is invited upon entrance to throw their negativity out of the door as Tara instead inspires self-love and levity when it comes to awkward moments in relationships. 

The debacles she has gotten herself into are both endearing and funny as she proceeds to scatter her heart out on the floor. Quite literally. 

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The emotional turn that her show then takes is unexpected and tender but also acts as an important learning lesson for both performer and her audience. This obviously personal story is very moving and simply encourages her show’s motto and moral of loving oneself. 

This cabaret features songs with clever lyrics, which ties the conversational banter and whole story up together. It’s clear that her singing comes from her soul, whilst her comedy comes from her heart. With her original songs and inflatable appendages, her show proves itself to be a powerful and interactive performance. 

This one-woman show is full of female empowerment, a bit of Whitney Houston, feather boas and cheek. This Aussie pays no heed to a filter. This isn’t a show about love in its traditional or romantic sense; it’s phallocentric, explicit and with metaphors like “Tara’s Box” to entertain you.

Tara Rankine in action

I shan’t give too much away but I will give a two-word warning: audience participation. If you’re prepared to perhaps get up on your feet, witness some whipped cream and pie go haywire, then you’re in for a treat.



Love Is A Work In Progress runs until 25 August. For tickets, visit 

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