Five stars for this reviewer’s “Fringe favourite”


Rachel Wheeley and Cerys Bradley’s inimitable stand up show is both slick and quick witted as they individually address their experiences of bisexuality, the silly stereotypes, and why one Olympic swimmer will always have a place in Cerys’ heart. 

Their anecdotal tales connect comic to audience instantly, ranging from bits of social satire, to discussing the importance of Tinky Winky’s status as a gay icon. The hearty laughter that fills the room in their hour-long slot is ample testimony to their combined, comedic talents. 

Despite each of them taking turns in their individual performances and following different tangents, their delivery of humour and content perfectly complement each other. 

It all culminates in a proper assessment of what it really means to be bisexual: you’ll be pleased to know that some of this is displayed through highly accurate, Sharpie-drawn Venn diagrams.

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Statistics, sectors, Jedi’s and banned fanfiction stories all feature too. No matter your age or how you identify, this stand-up is extremely relatable and ridiculously free. In its cosy, disco-style venue, this inclusive, queer space ensures everyone feels welcome. 

This fantastic comedy left me with genuine tears of laughter along with the rest of the crowd, so statistically speaking, you’re bound to have a good laugh too at what I have pinned as my Fringe favourite. 

If I learnt anything from this show though, one thing is for sure; bisexuals do love a good badge.

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The Unfortunate Bisexual runs until 24 August. For tickets, visit

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