“It’s like a thing but not a thing”


Lauren Ellis Stretch’s Her is a fresh, millennial comedy which explores tensions within familial relationships and uncovers the complexities that surround both sexual and romantic pursuits.  This kitchen may only have one breakfast laid out but it has a large serving of drama to be devoured. 

The initial tensions between the two sisters Cariad and Catrin draw you in with intrigue, which only piques with the hasty mention of an unplanned guest. 

This is a situation many would dread: the one-night stand who just won’t leave. She’s also carrying some serious baggage and she’s ready to unpack. 

An intimate comedy, Her allows you to eavesdrop and physically feel the second-hand embarrassment of watching the third wheeling as the post-one-night stand dilemmas reveal themselves.

The play also sensitively handles grief as the sisters come to realise that it is also their mother’s 50th birthday and they grapple with the indecisions that surround the onus of commemoration, concomitantly unearthing deep-rooted family problems. Light-hearted sisterly squabbling turns to terse truths.

Stretch’s production is multifaceted, allowing the audience a glimpse into the protagonists’ lives: letting you witness their woes, their bickering and their lustful gazes. Her is so layered that you start to wonder if their breakfast brioche is a symbol in itself too. If you are after witnessing some simmering sexual tension interrupted by comedic awkwardness; this is the play for you. 

An emerging playwright to watch, Stretch’s honest depiction of sexuality and same-sex relationships is both realistic and full of humorous quips. Coupled with her strong all-female cast, featuring just three talented actors, Her is a witty play you won’t want to miss. 

You might even learn some Welsh along the way.



Her runs until 17 August. For tickets, visit tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/her

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