Hit the toon with McKenzie and her family – but be prepared for what comes next 


Billed as “the best Geordie night out you can have (in Edinburgh)”, this outrageous new dramedy written by up and coming north-easterner Louise Barron is full of laughs – and surprises. 

Step into the living room of McKenzie Hepburn (played by Barron), a 19-year-old wannabe comic from a council estate in Newcastle. 

Louise Barron as McKenzie Hepburn.
Image Jeremias Amoore

Stand up meets sitcom as we’re introduced to McKenzie’s family. They’re getting ready to hit the toon. But what starts as an ordinary Friday night soon takes a dark turn, and as things start to unravel, the audience are left wide-eyed and open mouthed. 

If you’re expecting an hour of comedy, be warned: it’s not all laughs. Pits quickly becomes a hard-hitting commentary on racial tension, class and homophobia. Uncomfortable to watch at times, but an important and urgent piece of theatre cleverly told. 

Unflinching, even a little harrowing in parts, what Pits lacks in subtlety it makes up for in charm. Barron is fantastic as McKenzie, and I’m excited to see what she does next. This talented young playwright is definitely one-to-watch. 

While Pits is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, it will make you think, and stay with you long after you’ve left the venue. Also, how could you not love a show with the line, “You tried to fingerbang us at funeral”? It’s getting an extra star just for that. 



Pits runs until 26 August. For tickets, visit tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/pits

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