“Changing the world – one fanny at a time”


Incontinence and challenges with sexual function don’t instantly strike you as a recipe for comedy. However, the packed audience for this show would certainly disagree, laughing and nodding wryly, watching physiotherapist and recovered incontinent Elaine Miller perform her solo show.

A third of women in the UK are incontinent. Yet it is an embarrassing and taboo topic for many. Before the show, my friends and I had a very honest conversation and I found my occasional “peeze” and slight fear of laughing too strenuously to be nothing compared to the stories of wetting yourself in a line at the supermarket; avoiding exercise in case of an accident and wearing thick pads constantly “just in case”. We have known each other for years but this was a first foray into this often taboo topic.  

The show is funny and irreverent, with humour used to break down barriers and educate and inform. I did not know that 84% of stress incontinence can be cured with just six physio sessions. We learn as we laugh – finding out about some pelvic floor exercises that are good for stopping yourself weeing with an added bonus of improved sexual function. 

A 5’4” singing vulva brings the show to a conclusion and the audience leave to wait for Elaine in the foyer to find out more. She spends time with everyone, warm and approachable with her humorous yet direct advice. 

There are few shows in the Fringe that can improve your orgasms and stop you weeing yourself. And even fewer that give out free lube and incontinence pads. So head along and join Elaine as she continues with her aim to, “Change the world – one fanny at a time.”



For tickets, visit tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/gusset-grippers

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