Fancy pulling your trainers on for the Pride 10k this August? (Or coming along to cheer and be queer!)


The first time I tried running? I truly hated it.

You couldn’t have convinced me otherwise. No matter how hard I pushed myself, I couldn’t keep up with my running buddy and the harder I tried, the worse I felt when I had to give up…

Thing is, most people have to push through that part before they start to enjoy running, something that I just didn’t realise those first few times I gave it a real go.


Fast forward a couple of years however, and now? I’m – shock, horror – actually a little bit in love with running. In fact, I’ve even managed a couple of “Phoebes”, aka, running, smile on my face, arms and legs flailing for all to see. Pure joy.

One of the main reasons why are the running clubs I’ve been able to get involved with here in London, including the LGBTQI-friendly, London Frontunners.


Describing themselves as, “an inclusive running and triathlon club for lesbians, gay and bisexual men and women, trans people and our allies,” the club is open to anyone, regardless of ability, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Sounds good, right? Having formed in 1995 (as well as being part of International Frontrunners) the club has a long history and a large member base to top it off.

Pride 10k 2018. Image: Sussex Sport Photography

On top of that, the Frontrunners also hold an annual Pride 10k – this year, taking place on 10 August 2019 (Fancy it? Click here!)

A flat, fast three-lap 10k held in Victoria Park in east London, known for its fun and inclusive atmosphere. Oh, and did we mention #TeamDIVA have signed up?


Still not convinced? Here’s what just a handful of club members had to say:

Kirsty Fitz-Poole: “The Pride Run 10K is a celebration for the running LGBT+ community and Frontrunners around the globe, a place to meet friends and make friends. I’m running this year in an attempt to beat last year’s race time!”

Erika Kulikova: “For me, running started as an opportunity to socialise. When I found like-minded people it helped me stay motivated, and achieve something I never thought I could do. Running with others and sharing our experiences (both good and bad) makes me feel connected and happy. Joining LFR made me feel that I am part of something bigger – our community.’

Image: Sussex Sport Photography

Race Director, Minesh Patel: “We’re really excited to be holding the 16th edition of the Pride Run 10K. This is a run for everyone – whether you’re new to running and have never run a 10k, or a seasoned runner looking for that PB!”

Want to find out more? Or better still pull on your shoes and pound some tarmac? Head to or for more, folks – see you there?


(Looking for some plant-based running gear? Check out Carrot Banana Peach, we tested some of their environmentally-friendly running shorts and they were 💯)

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