DIVA reviews Franko Figuierdo’s interactive play, which highlights the social and political struggles of the LGBTQI community in Brazil


If I become First Minister, the first thing I am going to do is pass legislation banning two Fringe venues from having the same name.

This will avoid my experience yesterday when I rocked up to Greenside on Nicolson Square to see The Trial only to be told I actually needed Greenside on Infirmary Street. 

Usain Bolt would have struggled to keep up as I charged down to South Bridge, the millions of discarded flyers helping me do some impressive human hand break turns!  

Up two flights of stairs and I am gasping for air as Ines Sampaio, who plays the lead role in this interactive play by the wonderful writer and director Franko Figuierdo, warmly greets me. The audience is divided into two jury groups using stickers – pink rectangle for me (which matches my face).  

Ines plays Tieta and she transports us from 2019 Edinburgh to 1970s Agreste – a small Brazilian town. Shunned and exiled from her town for being a woman in a man’s body, she highlights the social and political struggles of the LGBTQI community. Apathy and prejudice are challenged as we try to work out if true justice can ever be achieved. 

Latin dancing and a rendition of Daddy Cool, which the audience actively participates in, gives a fun element to the show. There is also provoking of thought with some sobering statistics on discrimination and ignorance that still remain in Brazil despite it hosting Sao Paulo LGBTQI parade – the biggest in the world. 

Sampaio captivates, educates and entertains in equal measure. Allow yourself to be drawn into the narrative – then return your own considered verdict.

And make sure you go to the right venue!



For tickets, visit tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/trial

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