Cryos International’s Milagros Ruete answers the question: how to get fertility treatment with donor sperm in a UK-based clinic


Cryos – International Sperm & Egg Bank helps women, of all sexualities, to have a child. In this blog, clinic account manager Milagros Ruete answers the frequently asked question: how to get fertility treatment with donor sperm in a UK based clinic.

First step – find a fertility clinic

There are a lot of fertility clinics in the UK and Cryos collaborates with the majority of these. You can choose a clinic based on various parameters such as: location, price and success rates. It is important to choose a clinic that feels right to you. 

“Once you have found your fertility clinic, you can visit the Cryos website and browse through hundreds of UK compliant sperm donors” Milagros explains.

“In the UK, the use of donor sperm is regulated by law. Cryos has, for that reason, qualified a great deal of our ID Release donors to be compliant with UK regulations.”

“This means that at the time you begin your search you have to select UK standard on Cryos’ webpage to make sure that you only see the UK compliant donors.”

When you have found you the right donor 

“We, here at Cryos, are very happy to offer so many different donor profiles so that you can choose the donor that feels and is right for you. When you have made your final decision, your clinic will guide you on what straw type and motility is right for your fertility treatment, and then you are ready to order”.

Milagros also explains why it is important to reserve donor sperm in the ordering process:

“When you order donor sperm for the fertility treatment at hand it is important to also reserve sperm for future treatments. Maybe you do not succeed in your first try or maybe you want siblings in the future.

“Either way, it is a good idea to reserve extra straws to secure enough sperm from your chosen donor. How much sperm you should reserve depends on your individual situation.”  

Ordering donor sperm for the fertility clinic

The clinic needs to approve the order and once Cryos receives the approval, it will take about one to two days to deliver the order. 

“Some clinics prefer to receive the donor sperm in good time before you start your treatment. This is something you need to discuss with your clinic to make sure that they have enough time,” Milagros explains. 

“When you have ordered the donor sperm from the Cryos’ webpage, we will work with your clinic to make sure that they get all the paperwork about your order and about your chosen donor.” 

Advice when choosing a sperm donor

“Find out what is really important for you. For some people the extensive screening of the sperm donors that Cryos offers is important. For others, it is important to see pictures of the donor.”

Milagros elaborates: “Cryos now offers pictures of selected donors as adults for those women who want more than just baby pictures in order to get a more comprehensive idea about what their future child might look like.”

You can learn more about these donors here

“Some women want to make sure that they are the only ones in the world using their chosen donor and for that reason they choose to buy an exclusive donor.”

The choice is very personal, and it is sometimes difficult to work out what is most important.

Milagros says: “Whatever is important for you when choosing a donor, we offer a great variety of donor profiles to choose from and we hope that this will make it easier to make a decision that feels right to you.” 

If you have any questions regarding fertility treatment with donor sperm do not hesitate to contact Cryos at +45 8676 0699 or

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