We’ll never look at a shower the same again


The next (and final) season of Orange Is The New Black is fast approaching (sniff, sniff!).

Throughout the last six seasons, we got to see some AMAZING, intimate, HOT sex scenes between several of our favourite characters that made as certain of one’s sexuality as one can be.

It’s safe to say that all the gayness DEFINITELY lit a fire in our hearts.

Here is a compilation of eight of the HOTTEST sex scenes in OITNB:

1. Let’s go back to where it all started. Alex and Piper’s opening scene in the shower was as hot as hot can get! And what a great way to introduce both characters. We were HOOKED from the very beginning.

2. Speaking of Vauseman, remember this INCREDIBLY sexy, seductive scene? We definitely wouldn’t mind being seduced by Piper Chapman either. The way she danced made us want to sign up to some dance classes and improve our moves!

3. WARNING: STEAMY! Nicky and Morello’s scene in the shower made us feel immensely weak. Being imprisoned also means having to be highly creative with sexual encounters. These two have been professionals at it all along!

4. And how could we miss the cutest couple of all time… Poussey and Soso?! These two showed us tenderness and real, compassionate love. Our hearts died a little went everything went down. These two deserved SO much better! We miss you, Poussey!

6. Let’s talk about Soso again, but this time with Nichols (aka Nicky), who is, in our humble opinion, the person who ought to get more points in the steamy love scenes department. The pair’s love scene at the church was SO STEAMY our gay hearts almost burst!

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