Season six sure left us with a lot of feelings


With The L Word’s sequel coming this autumn, it’s time to talk BUSINESS! We already know who’s coming back to the series, but what are the most important questions season six left unanswered 10 years ago?

Here’s a compilation of four of the most pertinent and BURNING questions we have:

1. Is Jenny’s murder going to be dug up? If so, WHO murdered her and most importantly, WHY? Jenny’s murder caught everyone off-guard. With so many questions left unanswered, will the new season resolve some of these queries?

2. The season ended with Bette and her squad being questioned about Jenny’s murder.  Lovey-doveys Bette and Tina were planning on moving to New York and adopting another child. Did they ever get to live their best lives in New York and adopt another kid? Have they split up?

3. In the last episode, Shane found a letter from Molly (Clementine Ford) that Jenny hid from her. It contained missing Lez Girls negatives that Tina had been accused of stealing. Will this addressed in Generation Q? Are Shane and Tina going to talk about it?

4. How are Alice and Tasha doing? In the last season, Tasha decided to become a police officer. She also chose to with Alice over being with Jamie Chen, a temporary fling.  How is Tasha’s career going? Did she really find her calling? And how is Alice? So many questions! We can’t wait to find out!

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