These L Word flashbacks are 🔥🔥🔥


Today we reminisce the L Word’s iconic character, Shane McCutcheon.

Intrepid by nature, a womaniser and always… ALWAYS a tease, Shane made us fall in love with her again… and again… throughout the many seasons of the L Word, thus becoming a (queer) rite of passage for those figuring out their sexuality and love of women!

Here are six times Shane managed to seduce through the screen:

1️⃣ The way Shane confessed her love for Carmen. What can I say…. Shane’s glances towards Carmen made us all WEAK in the knees… Confess! You wished for a similar declaration of love upon watching it too!

2️⃣ Still in Shane/Carmen spirit, Shane showing her softer side and asking Carmen to marry her?! OMG. I don’t even which side of Shane I like best… maybe a combination of both!

3️⃣ LET’S TALK SMILES. Can I mention hers?! HOW COULD YOU SAY NO to that? Impossible, right?! I think so too…

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4️⃣ When Shane hooked up with a bride on HER wedding day? In my humble opinion, one of the most ICONIC scenes of the entire series. I know you low-key wanted to be that bride. Just don’t come for your brides, Shane… ha!

5️⃣ When she had to wear a dress because of Carmen’s family. What an iconic moment that was! I’m SO sorry Shane didn’t get to be herself, but seeing her in a white dolly dress definitely restored my faith in humanity.

6️⃣ Shane’s HIGHLY sexy wardrobe and love of ties made me feel a LOT of things. Here are a few stills of some of the most iconic looks Shane presented us with!

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