Do you want to see both childhood photos and photos of your donor as an adult? Now you have the opportunity!

Visit today and get access to this new feature.


To give you an extra dimension in your search for the perfect sperm donor, Cryos has now made it possible for you to get both pictures of the sperm donor as a child as well as pictures of the donor as an adult.

This unique opportunity to see pictures from different time periods of the donor’s life, provides you with a more comprehensive idea of who your sperm donor is and moreover of the features of your future child. We hope that this extra dimension will enhance your experience and furthermore that it will make your decision easier.

You will receive 5-6 photos of the donor as an adult. The pictures are taken by a professional photographer and are a part of the donors extended profile, where you also will have access to childhood photos, an audio recording of the donor’s voice, a handwritten message, an emotional intelligence profile, and finally our staff impressions of the donor, amongst other exclusive features.

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us:, +45 8676 0699.

Please note that the person in the photo above is a model and not a Cryos donor.

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