Liverpool City Region Pride Foundation reveals the theme to its inaugural cultural, community event


Come As You Are calls to all people, regardless of where they are from or how they identify, to take pride in their identity and come together in the spirit of friendship, love and respect – now isn’t that a lovely place to begin?

The theme’s visuals feature a series of different brushstroke fonts and a rainbow mosaic in the shape of a face, made up from images of those from within the LGBTQI community. 

Intended to symbolise collaborative strength, the brushstrokes highligh individuality and the presence of people from all walks of life, while the mosaic represents strength in numbers and a community coming together.

Designed to underpin founding principles of inclusivity, collaboration and support, its mission? To make the Liverpool City Region the most LGBTQI friendly region in the UK.

Officially revealed at a glittering launch event on Thursday 11 April 2019 at Love Lane Brewery, LCR Pride Foundation Co-Chairs, Andi Herring and John Bird shared the background story to the theme which will run through all of the organisation’s events for the 2019/20 season.

Their presentations were followed by a special guest appearance from Liverpool singer and songwriter, Daisy Gill. 

At a time when the LGBT+ community is increasingly misunderstood, marred by misconceptions and targeted with hate, LCR Pride Foundation wants the world to know that the Liverpool City Region is taking a stand,” said John Bird.

“No matter where you are from or how you identify, we are open to all and you are welcome here, just come as you are!”

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