It’s time to get mystical 🔮

WORDS: Michele Knight

Fancy delving into your mystical side? Got a love dilemma? Grab your sorceress cloak, draw the blinds, pour yourself a gin/mocktail/espresso as our astrologer Michele Knight shares a Tarot reading for you.

Just focus on the four tarot cards above to see if there’s a love message for you. Look at the cards, choose one, and then scroll down for your love oracle answer.

Tarot card one: The Four Of Cups

Ah, there you are in all your finery, staring at the three cups in front of you. You may be pondering a choice. Which gal is for you? Where is your current squeeze taking you? What sapphic delights are you going to indulge in this week?

The thing is, you may be missing out on a part of the puzzle you aren’t seeing. Perhaps you don’t realise there’s a perfect solution to your love dilemma. Are you limiting your thinking?  It looks like there are more moves to make than you realise.  Look around you, there’s an unexpected offer in the fourth cup just waiting to be chosen. A delicious love queen could also be trying to get your attention.

Tarot card two: The Moon

Yass mystic queen, Sabrina has nothing on you! But are you trusting your feelings and gut reactions? You’re about to have a witchy revelation, a dream, a strange coincidence or twist of faith that reveals what’s going on under the surface.

Listen to your inner wise one and know that your instincts will give you the answers that you need. Oh, and there’s a nurturing goddess who wants to pamper you. Hang out with gals with good vibes and ditch those that don’t make you feel good.

Tarot card three: The Three Of Cups

Ka-pow! You’re in demand and about to burst into a fresh social scene like Batwoman finding her superpowers. Thrilling date nights, new venues and a posse of pals has you giddy with delight. If you’re bored, shake things up, join groups, attend inspiring events and do things differently.

A celebration is coming that has you rejoicing (that or a ménage à trois, well, three is the magic number!) as you feel closer to your friends and lovers than ever before.

Tarot card four: The Two Of Cups

Ok, on the surface this card looks like a clear case of dopplebangers – two lesbians/bi women/queers who are dating the spitting image of themselves.  Nothing wrong with that, but this card has a deeper meaning.

The Two Of Cups is all about soul connections, those wonderful lovers and friends that just get us and lift our spirits. When we chill out, gather with and spend time with those that love us equally and beautifully we are recharged and empowered. Look out for one heading your way.

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