If you make it to one event in London this week, make sure it’s Pecs Drag Kings’ Sex Sex Men Men – it’s divine


What happens when you mix deliciously handsome drag kings, a sensationally sexy soundtrack and the hilariously intelligent unpacking of masculinity – with an added dollop of extra thick respect?

Why, Sex Sex Men Men of course!

Back after a sell out show at Soho Theatre last year, this new ex-drag-aganza has been originally developed with The Yard Theatre, Hackney Wick.

The show itself is led by a cast of queer performers who guide the audience through a tender yet dangerous theatrical cabaret exploring masculinity and sexuality all the while using drag king personae to “unpack how men express desire.”

From Drag King Cole’s glorious lip-syncing, to Thrustin Limbersnake’s condiment-strong food-play scene, all the way to John Trevulva’s equally hilarious, smart and thought-provoking breakdown of contemporary masculinity – directors Temi Wilkey and Celine Lowenthal’s SSMM is a brilliant example of queer performance at its very best.

I mean, where else can you laugh out loud at carefully and creatively crafted drag king-shaped comedy, while soaking up a heartbreaking monologue of sexual experiences, to effectively watching a theatrical demonstration on how to have better, more consensual sex?

On the set of Pecs Drag Kings. Credit Holly Lucas.

So, just who are the Pecs Drag Kings?

The line-up as it stands is currently made up of Pecs’ charming MC, Cesar Gently (Kit Griffiths), the smouldering king of lipsync, Drag King Cole (Temi Wilkey), skinny poser boy, Scott Free (Rosie Potts), sexy smooth-mover Thrustin Limbersnake (Lauren Steele) womanizing city boy Mr Goldenballs (Helena Fallstrom), go-go dancer Victor Victorious (Victoria Aubrey) and the queer Glaswegian of your dreams, John Travulva (Jodie Mitchell).

All “quietly macho, discussing injustice, and respecting the hell out of you” throughout the show.

Sex Sex Men Men is a delight to the queer senses.

Catch the boys at the Yard Theatre, Hackney Wick, London this week – extended due to demand. Grab your tickets here before they’re gone.

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