London’s favourite queer comedy collective are here to share their thoughts and reflections on all things prom.


To the delight of some and the revulsion of others “Prom Night” has gradually seeped into British culture.

Despite its many (many) shortcomings, we’ve collectively appropriated the American tradition, embellishing it with a few characteristically British touches – namely copious cans of lukewarm cider and alcohol decanted surreptitiously into empty Coke bottles.

Much like it’s American forerunner, school proms in the UK tend to be rich with the trappings of heterosexism and dripping with outdated standards of teen romance, leaving the majority of young queer folks underwhelmed. 

Thankfully, the founding members of The LOL Word have devised a show to remind us that we weren’t alone in our dissatisfaction with these evenings of ritualised heterosexuality and underage drinking.

The post-exam parties that pressurised many of us into dressing up in varying shades of straight provide the inspiration for The LOL Word’s prom night special, an evening that encompasses the highs, the lows and the unglamourous realities of this most sacred of teenage milestones.

Whether you were a closeted queer, fabulously femme or just an average teen making one of many regrettable fashion choices, the outfit you decided to don at prom is probably not one you’d hastily slip into again.

Yet, Shelf’s Ruby and Rachel refuse to shy away from their teenage selves, instead they arrive in style, dressed in their adolescent interpretation of prom night couture.

In fact, all of the acts reveal snapshots from what could easily be classed as the late noughties prom night lookbook, complete with clinging dresses, thigh slits and flowing ringlets.

Essentially, outfits that quell the baby queer inside your soul and promise to be as physically restricting as they are emotionally stunting. 

From the West Country to Cambridgeshire, what they wore to who they went home with, London’s favourite queer comedy collective are here to share their thoughts and reflections on all things prom.

So join Rachel, Ruby, Jodie, Chloe P and Chloe G for an evening of top laughs, inclusive energy and unsolicited nostalgia.

Featuring a musical number and some fabulous costume changes from Shelf; an insight into Dorset’s wild, snake infested after prom parties from Chloe G; surreal and hilarious class commentary from Jodie and an introduction to Chloe Pett’s infamous clutch.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss it. 

The LOL Word’s new show at Vault Festival takes on the theme of prom with the effortless energy and hilarity we’ve come to expect from these top-class comedians. Top stuff.

Catch them at Vault Festival, London, on 28 February 2019. Grab your tickets here. (You won’t regret it, pals)

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