LGBT Foundation’s Women’s Programme has gone virtual – and you’re cordially invited


Life has changed a little recently, right? Because of that, many people may find themselves struggling with the effects of social distancing and self-isolation and so, the lovely folks over at LGBT Foundation have created a weekly online session for LGBTQI+ women, Talks Around The Table.

The fully virtual events are held on the online video-calling platform, Zoom and the team are also, “very open to ideas about what the sessions should be about!” So far, they’re holding sessions on cooking, languages, online games, gardening, staying healthy and a “craft chill out zone” – but they’re keen to hear your ideas in the coming weeks, so do reach out to them.

On top of that, as some may not be so online-savvy, the LGBT Foundation team are also holding frequent tutorials for complete beginners. (More info can be found on this here).

We’re still here

“The reason we started these online events is very simple – we wanted to keep our community together and we wanted LB+ women to know that even in among this madness we were still here for them and still thinking about them,” Annie Cunningham, the Women’s Programme Co-ordinator told DIVA (Annie organises the events).

“I knew that many of our community already lived in isolation, removed from their community or their family, and so reaching them quickly became a main priority. I also just wanted to make something that was fun for people. It can sometimes feel like everywhere you turn at the minute is bad news after bad news, why not spend an evening trying to make a Michelin star dish out of random ingredients or doing a quiz with likeminded people.

“As LB+ women we were a thriving supportive community long before Coronavirus arrived into our world, and that’s still what we’ll be long after it’s gone.”

From the comfort of home

A quote from Ali, who now regularly attends the online Women’s Programme events: “I always find it difficult to mix and mingle in person and the Store cupboard challenge is giving me the opportunity to socialize with other queer women from the comfort of my home. Plus it is given me plenty of cooking ideas to try!”

And one from Sue, who also regularly attends: “The online sessions are a big part of my week, now where I get to see people like me who are up for a chat and a smile or two. It really breaks up my time.”

To find out more visit #TalksAroundTheTable. For advice, support and more information, call them on 0345 3 30 30 30.

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