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Has the weather been getting you down this week? This constant rain is enough to dampen anyone’s spirits. In case you needed warming up, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest, queerest new releases that were dropped this week. Enjoy!

MUSIC: Kim Petras – Problématique

She’s back! The German singer and trans icon has finally dropped her album Problématique even though it was initially supposed to be scrapped. Although some of the tracks were leaked last year, she surprised fans this week by dropping the full album. It’s even got a feature from none other than Paris Hilton. Go stream now! 

TV: Sex Education series four 

It’s official – we’re obsessed. The new series of the beloved high school drama has filled us with queer joy, unbeatable happiness, and a desire to binge-watch it again already. Introducing a whole host of new characters with developed and nuanced storylines, series four might just be the best instalment of Sex Education. 

BOOK: Inverse Cowgirl by Alicia Roth Weigel

If you’re looking for a powerful read this autumn, check out Inverse Cowgirl by Alicia Roth Weigel which hit the shelves this week. This memoir of the celebrated activist details her work fighting at the forefront for intersex rights. 

MUSIC: girli – Matriarchy

The alt-pop star has just dropped her new single Matriarchy and it is epic. This bold new track has everything you could want in a song to blast with the windows down. 

“I wrote ‘Matriarchy’ about sapphic relationships and how they feel like an act of rebellion towards the patriarchy,” girli explains. “Women are taught that they exist for the male gaze, so when women love women, it’s like putting a massive middle finger up to the homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, patriarchal society we live in and saying “f**k you, I exist and I’m gonna have fun.” 

“Existing in the female gaze feels so liberating. When I’m in love with a woman, it feels like we’re rewriting the rules of society and creating our own brand-new world.” 

BOOK: Denied by Michelle J. Manno

If you’re a basketball fan, this book is definitely for you. Michelle J. Manno documents a full season she spent with a highly competitive NCAA Division I women’s basketball program, looking into how athletes express their gender and sexuality. This riveting read delves into the realities of Black queer athletes and the struggles they face within the industry. 

MUSIC: Ego Ella May – Undone 

Award-winning British-Nigerian singer-songwriter and musician, Ego Ella May has just released a new single entitled Undone. 

“It’s inspired by a book I read last year called ‘I May Be Wrong’ by Bjørn Natthiko Lindeblad, a Swedish business executive who swapped his career to become a Buddhist monk in Thailand for 17 years!” Ego explains. “It’s such a beautifully written book, and it stuck with me for so long afterwards that I decided to write a song about it! It’s about letting go of control, ditching the facade that so many of us find ourselves latching onto, the question of what would happen if we simply left it all behind and started again… it’s possible!” 

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