The Dancing On Ice star teams up with trans charity Mermaids for the glorious Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


Saara Aalto’s new single Dance Like Nobody’s Watching is the sort of song that’s so good it gives you tingles. A soaring ode to living and loving authentically, this track reminds us all of the power and beauty of embracing your true self.

The must-watch music video, released in conjunction with award-winning charity Mermaids, is so touching, I’m not quite sure my queer heart can cope.

It tells the story of a transgender woman, played by the marvellous Jessica Allen, looking back at her childhood struggles and realising how far she’s come. In moving flashback scenes, we see her as a youngster desperately longing to be allowed to simply be herself and be free to dance.

Grab a box of tissues and take a look for yourself.

This stunning video is incredibly important to Saara, as she explained:

“As an LGBTQ+ artist myself, I have experienced prejudices both personal and professional, but I made my dream of being a singer come true and I want to use this platform to inspire others that you too can lead a lead positive and loving life.”

DIVA fave Mermaids is the perfect charity to partner with on this project, because they provide such vital support to gender variant and transgender children, young people and their families.

Mermaids CEO Susie Green commented, “The world can be a hostile place for trans kids. This beautiful and emotive piece created by a mainstream artist, tackling some of the key issues faced, gives a platform that will be widely seen and appreciated.”

It’s certainly a powerful statement of inclusivity to have a gorgeous, trans positive video from an out lesbian pop star.

“I want this song and video to empower anybody who maybe doubts themselves or has others doubt them to see that you can truly be who you are meant to be. Your life can be incredible, beautiful and peaceful. It takes courage, strength and ultimately a no fear attitude, but you can do it.”

Make sure you tune into Dancing On Ice on ITV and vote for Saara! And look out for our exclusive interview with her in the upcoming March 2019 issue of DIVA.

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