The Last Of Us Star revealed their collaboration with fashion brand Both& 


Just when The Last Of Us star Bella Ramsey couldn’t get any more iconic, they’ve only gone and announced that they are the new face of a transmasculine, non-binary fashion campaign! Partnering with the fashion brand Both&, Bella revealed that they have been collaborating on a new campaign called Both&Bella. 

Posting a cryptic message to Instagram, the star wrote: “Both&Bella. Today is the day. And guess what? It’s interactive like all the best museums are. Follow the clues in our stories over the coming days to find in-person wild postings in LA.”

Bella continued by saying that if you follow a series of online clues you would find a special “microsite” which is full of prizes, limited edition items, and a chance for the community to share their own stories. 

Both& is a trans-owned and operated fashion line, which aims to support and celebrate the trans and non-binary community. “It may sound simple but we believe that empowering the transmasculine, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming communities to feel seen, safe, and empowered is important work,” their website reads

As part of the Both&Bella campaign, Both&’s Instagram posted a couple of letters shared by members of the community. The first one posted was a heartfelt letter that Bella wrote to themselves. “You’re allowed to not know, you’re allowed to not care,” it reads. 

“You’re a person; whole and quiet and proud,” it concludes. 

Earlier this year, Bella Ramsey opened up about their gender identity, revealing that their gender has “always been very fluid”. 

Have you solved the clues yet to find the Both&Bella campaign? 

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