These statistics also show a 112% increase in hate crimes based on sexual orientation since 2018/19


The new hate crime statistics published by the Home Office reveal that there has been an 11% increase in hate crimes against trans people since last year. Jumping to 4,732 reported hate crimes in 2022/23, this data once again proves that the UK is becoming a less safe place for trans and non-binary people. 

“Transgender issues have been heavily discussed by politicians, the media and on social media over the last year, which may have led to an increase in these offences, or more awareness in the police in the identification and recording of these crimes,” the report read. 

From Suella Braverman’s comments about queer refugees to Rishi Sunak’s anti-trans comments at the recent Conservative Party Conference, trans people are being continually attacked by right-wing politicians and media. This new data shows that this rhetoric is having real-life consequences on trans individuals, making the UK an unsafe place for them to live. 

While the new data showed that there has been a 6% decrease in hate crimes based on sexual orientation reported in the last year, the reported 24,102 cases is still a 112% increase from 2018/19. 

Robbie de Santos, Director of External Affairs at Stonewall, said: “As a survivor of a violent attack myself, I know the awful reality behind these rising numbers. What concerns me even more is that political leaders haven’t acted seriously or quickly enough. Instead many of them are filling the public domain with toxic language that dehumanises LGBTQIA people and legitimises violence.”

“The UK Government failed to implement any sort of strategy that responds to their own statistics and reports. We need a strong and committed leadership that moves away from divisive distractions and instead addresses the real problems of people in this country. We shouldn’t be treated like second-class citizens.” 

A recent British Social Attitudes survey published last month showed that the UK population is becoming more prejudiced towards trans people. The proportion who characterise themselves as “not at all prejudiced” against people who are transgender dropped from 82% to 64% since 2019. 

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