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Susan Sarandon is the definition of a queer icon. The actor came out as bisexual last year, giving new meaning to some of the LGBTQIA-beloved characters she’s played before. To celebrate her birthday this year, here are some of her most iconic performances. 

Sister Helen Prejean (Dead Man Walking)

This powerful performance was Susan Sarandon’s ticket to winning the Academy Award for Best Actress. Following the story of a nun who develops a close relationship with killers on death row (and the families who were affected by their crimes), Sister Helen provided audiences with a poignant and thought-provoking view on capital punishment. This emotionally complex character is often regarded as Susan’s best performance. 

Louise Sawyer (Thelma & Louise)

The 1991 adventure film Thelma & Louise is beloved by queer audiences everywhere. Playing alongside Geena Davis (who played Thelma), Susan starred as the iconic Louise. The road-trip-gone-wrong follows the story of two friends who become fugitives of the law. While the film isn’t explicitly queer, there are heavy implications and lesbian themes which run throughout the film, making it one of our favourite Susan Sarandon roles. 

Jackie (Stepmom) 

Starring next to Julia Roberts, Stepmom was another hard-hitting and emotional performance from Susan. The film revolves around Jackie (Susan Sarandon) coming to terms with her ex’s new wife while battling cancer. It’s definitely one that will pull on your heartstrings. 

Queen Narissa (Enchanted) 

Enchanted is possibly one of our favourite Disney films ever – and is made even more iconic with Susan playing the character of Queen Narissa! Adorned with a fabulous dress and an evil smile, we loved seeing Susan playing a Disney villain. Long live the ruling Queen of Andalasia! 

Jane Spofford (The Witches Of Eastwick) 

Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon all in the same film? It’s basically queer heaven. When three women have their wishes granted, they begin to wonder at what cost. This cult classic is one of our favourite films to watch this spooky season. 

Sally Matthews (Atlantic City) 

Sally Matthews is a young waitress from Saskatchewan who has dreams of becoming a blackjack dealer in Atlantic City. Played by an enigmatic Susan, Atlantic City is viewed as one of her most heartfelt performances and saw her nominated for an Academy Award. 

Janet Weiss (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a fan favourite with the LGBTQIA community. Playing the iconic role of Janet Weiss, Susan wowed audiences with her portrayal of the beloved character. We are still absolutely obsessed with her performance in this role. 

Sarah Roberts (The Hunger)

This list would not be complete without a reference to the 1983 horror film The Hunger. Playing the role of research gerontologist Sarah Roberts, the film follows the lives of bloodthirsty (and very sexy vampires). The Hunger included not only a fantastic performance from Susan but also a very erotic lesbian sex scene which still has viewers hot under the collar 40 years later. 

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