Are you ready to get cosy this season? 


As the knitted jumpers are being pulled out of the wardrobe and the scarves and hats are ready to make their appearance, we’re all ready to wander to our favourite coffee shop, set to have our first pumpkin spiced latte of the year. I love to sit near a window and watch the sky turn from blue, to pink to purple as the hours pass by with every chapter of a book being read. 

I love to find new books. Books that make me cry and books that make me laugh. I am open to a good recommendation. But as the air outside turns from humidity to crisp and everyone is getting more excited to head into the last chapter of this year, there’s nothing more exciting than to get stuck into a new book. Whether that is on your own or even part of a book club.

As we all know, queer literature may be hard to find but one of the most appealing elements is to let our imaginations run wild and follow the hopes and dreams of the characters that take us on a fictional journey. I love it when you fall in love with a character, who in your head gets you questioning ‘Where are these perfect people?’ Whether the author is part of the LGBTQIA community, or the stories being told are with queer characters, there are tales that can lift your mood, make you reminisce about a particular past relationship or indeed, crave the types of relationships being portrayed in these books.

Over the years, I have read a copious amount of academic books, some non-fiction but my absolute favourites are romantic novels with queer storylines. 

My recommendations for this autumn are books that include queer female characters and those who are exploring their sexualities. These books have made me feel warm, full of hope, that one day I will experience these bursts of love which you see between these characters. From the ups and downs of these relationships (because what relationship is plain sailing?), you will find yourself laughing out loud and crying into the sleeve of your newly purchased knitted jumper. Whatever floats your boat, here are my four queer-themed books for this Autumn.

I can’t wait to read more queer literature, but these are my four recommendations of sapphic relationships to fit into your Autumn this year.

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