The reality TV star revealed that the signs she was a lesbian were there from the start 


For those of you who are Love Island stans, you may know Amber Gill for winning the dating show in 2019 coupled up with rugby player Greg O’Shea. However, in 2022 Amber rocked the sapphic world by announcing on Twitter that she had “switched teams”. She’s now loved up with footballer Jen Beattie (they are couple goals) and has gone on to become a queer icon. 

On the latest episode of Queerpiphany, Amber revealed that she probably should have realised sooner that she was a lesbian. “I watch back on the shows that I’ve been on and I’m like, ‘god, you’re just so gay’,” she joked. “If I get sent clips on TikTok, it’s so painfully obvious.”

She continued: “Everyone was just like, ‘Oh, you’re just really picky’, or ‘you’re just this’, or ‘just that’. And I’m like, ‘No, I just like girls.’ But just something wasn’t clicking in my brain, I just wasn’t getting it.”

When Amber was on Love Island, fans everywhere fell in love with her personality, humour, and loyalty to her friends. She was unlucky in love throughout most of the show and has often been referred to as winning Love Island “alone” despite technically being coupled up with Greg. It has been theorised by fans that it was her likeability (rather than compatibility with Greg) that saw her take home the first-place prize. 

Amber went on to say on Queerpiphany that growing up as the only mixed-race person in her class in Newcastle meant that she didn’t want to come out and “add another thing for people to single me out for”. 

“So, I think maybe I always did know but I just didn’t want to acknowledge it at all. I think if I hadn’t moved down to London I don’t know how quickly I would have noticed,” she said. 

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