Did you know the actor was voted “most bizarre” in high school?


Gillian Anderson is an actor who has captivated audiences for her performances in Sex Education, The X-Files and The Fall (to name just a few). She’s also one of the LGBTQIA community’s biggest cheerleaders. Although she’s an “actively heterosexual woman” she’s also been open about having a few past relationships with women. She’s consistently advocated for the rights of our community. She’s a certified icon, and here are eight facts you may not have known.

She was voted “most bizarre” and “most likely to be arrested”

In high school, the Sex Education star was voted “most bizarre” by her classmates due to her fashion and behaviour. She was also voted as “most likely to be arrested”. Funnily enough, Gillian was arrested! While having a much older boyfriend at the time, she convinced him to assist her with a devious scheme, glueing the school’s locks so people couldn’t get in in the morning, and she was caught by an onsite security guard.

She knows that she’s a gay icon

So, our Gillian Anderson love has not gone unnoticed, she totally knows she’s a gay icon and loves it! In fact, she made an entire generation queer due to her roles in The X-files and Sex Education. She responded to a meme about her being so many people’s gay awakening with “Always thrilled to be of service.” Jade Lynch was among those who responded, writing: “I was always gay but she solidified my gay.”


She made herstory during the 1997 award season

In 1997, Gillian took home three major awards – an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a SAG Award – for her performance as Dana Scully in The X-Files. This made her the first female actor to do so.


I found Gillian Anderson’s G Spot!

Excuse me, get your minds out of the gutter, I’m talking about her soft drinks brand, G Spot! Launching in April this year, it’s said to boost performance and cognitive functions with plant-based, natural ingredients and caffeine-free. Some of the “fruity” ingredients include lemon, apples, and berries, as well as ginger and turmeric. The idea came after Gillian discovered her high intake of high sugar and caffeinated drinks for the past 20 years.

She can easily wrap her tongue around an American and English accent

As a bidialectal, Gillian can seamlessly switch between accents and dialects, most likely subsequent to growing up between Puerto Rico and London, but born in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents are a combination of English, Irish, and German descent.

She has an American labradoodle named Stella

Introducing her as her “new gf,” after splitting with Peter Morgan. Gillian has been a proud dog mum since December 2020. Although the couple are now back together, the dog content is truly a highlight on her Instagram.

The inspiration behind Stella’s name

While Stella should get a listicle of her own, here’s a paw-some fact about the pooch: she’s named after two very important Stellas. First, of course, the one and only Stella Gibson, who Gillian portrayed on The Fall. And the second, was Streetcar Named Desire’s Stella (Vanessa Kirby) who was Gillian’s onscreen sister.

She has received an OBE

On top of all this, in 2016 she received an honorary OBE (Order of the British Empire) for her services to drama. 

So, we’re all in agreement, after 38 wins and 96 nominations, plus an OBE, she’s a phenomenal performer and a queer national treasure!

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