It has been confirmed that Married At First Sight UK told Ella Morgan Clark’s husband-to-be about her transition before she walked down the aisle


Married At First Sight UK (MAFS UK) fans are preparing for the return of their favourite reality TV show, which airs tonight (18 September) on Channel 4. For those who are yet to be initiated: the drama-filled show matches eight couples, who must walk down the aisle and say “I do” to a total stranger in the hope of finding true love.

Last year, MAFS UK made history by matchmaking its first-ever lesbian couple, Jenna Robinson and Zoe Clifton. And, continuing to push the visibility needle forward, earlier this month it was confirmed that the show had cast its first-ever trans bride, Ella Morgan Clark, in the 2023 lineup.

Fans of the show were immediately invested to find out more about the “blonde bombshell’s” storyline. However, when the news was announced, due to the fact that MAFS’ format revolves around the contestants not knowing anything about their partners before tying the knot, there was some speculation online that Ella’s future husband might not be told about Ella’s transition until after the two had exchanged vows.

Speaking to BBC’s Newsbeat, Ella cleared up these theories by confirming that her husband was informed before their wedding day.

“Because it was the first time Channel 4 had ever done something like this, I agreed along with them that once they’d found me a match, my husband was made aware that I was trans prior to the wedding,” she explained. “He was aware that I was trans and I had transitioned, but he didn’t know anything else about me.”

A Channel 4 spokesperson also confirmed that Ella’s groom was told “to ensure fully informed consent” and he was happy to go ahead with the wedding.

“In all other ways, the integrity of the format was preserved,” the spokesperson added. “Our priority during matchmaking is to protect the wellbeing of the cast and create compatible matches, based on a detailed assessment of individual preferences, as part of an in-depth, careful matchmaking process.”

Following the announcement of her casting earlier this month, Ella posted a heartfelt post on Instagram, writing: “The support and love I have received over the last few days has been overwhelming, and I cannot thank you enough for the love and kind words. I entered this experiment knowing my transition and gender identity would be up for discussion. I fully transitioned many years ago, so having to be this open about my past so publicly (I am aware I put myself through this and would naturally receive negative comments) has been nerve racking but I can only speak on behalf of myself, and my personal journey & transition, and not for others experience.

Naturally I feel pressure to be a voice and speak for a community who receive minimal representation, a minority who have such a misunderstanding in society, and as a group of people feel judged, misheard and stereotyped. I hope to see some people’s perception change from me just being my true self. Being trans is just a small part of who I am and I can’t wait for you to meet Ella and see there is more to me.
My hopes are to inspire others to feel they can be themselves, unapologetically and be proud to live as their authentic selves.”


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