Hinge has just launched their Distraction Free Dating Guide to help you stay focused on your partner… and not a screen 


We’ve all done it. Even if the most gorgeous human you’ve ever seen is sitting across from you, it can be tempting to see what notification just buzzed on your phone. However, new research by the dating app Hinge – whose tagline is “the dating app designed to be deleted” – reveals that using your phone on a date could massively impact your love life. 

The phenomenon of “phubbing” – the practice of ignoring your companion for your phone – has become commonplace in modern-day dating. 80% of people surveyed by Hinge said that second dates don’t occur purely because of “phubbing”. In fact, sometimes just having your phone on the table can hinder your chances of securing that all-important second date. 

However, if you’re a “phubber” (is that the noun version?!), don’t fret. Hinge has just launched their Distraction Free Dating Guide created by two of Hinge’s leading experts: Logan Ury, the Director of Relationship Science, and Love and Connection Expert, Moe Ari Brown. This Guide will help you keep those pesky phones away from your quality time and can be accessed on the app.

78% of people surveyed by Hinge said that they would assume their date isn’t interested in them if they were on their phone during a date. Therefore, it’s safer to put your device on Do Not Disturb mode to make sure you’re getting the most out of your quality time together. 

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