The outgoing Scottish National Party MP spoke at the Edinburgh Fringe about trans rights 


It was a sad day for politics when it was announced in July that SNP MP Mhairi Black was leaving Westminster due to its “toxic environment”However, despite leaving Westminster, Mhairi Black has not given up fighting for what she believes in. Speaking at the In Conversation With… event at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe hosted by journalist Graham Spiers, she showed her unwavering support of trans people. 

“See if you’re a human being, you’re not an intellectual debate and nor should you be made to be one,” she said regarding recent discussions about trans rights. 

“Being trans is not something to be feared. It’s just an aspect of a human being, the same way being gay is just an aspect of who I am.”

“The only place as far as I’m concerned that my sex matters, as opposed to my gender, is in a medical setting. That’s between me and a doctor,” she continued. 

Black has always been a firm advocate for trans rights and a great supporter of the trans community. She has been named on the DIVA Power List for two years in a row due to her positive influence and her advocacy for better trans rights.

During her conversation with Graham Spiers, she went on to say: “I’m a woman, I’m a lesbian, nobody’s cancelling me. I want trans people to be able to live with dignity and happiness, and for newspapers and politicians to leave them the hell alone.”

Black went on to speak about the way that certain groups have been using the trans community as a scapegoat. 

“There are definitely bad actors at play who are radicalising people who are vulnerable, radicalising people who are too online, and they are also using this small community as a wedge issue to cause chaos.”

“It’s been happening since 2016 at least. And if you start tracing it back – all these big names – the money always comes back to sort of fundamental Christian groups in America, Baptist groups, anti-abortion organisations.”

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