Your guide to all the queer music, TV, and books that came out this week


It’s the end of the week. You’re tired, and probably a bit soggy from the rain. It can be hard to keep up with all the fantastic queer music, films, and TV that come out every week. 

Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Introducing our brand-new weekly segment: DIVA’s Friday Round-Up. 

Each week we’ll be collating all our fave queer releases to save you the hassle of finding them. Stay updated with all the new shows, artists, and books with us now!

TV: Heartstopper season two 

If this weather has been getting you down, don’t fear. The Heartstopper team have brought the sunshine with them in season two of the adorable queer show. Following the ups and downs of teenage love, get ready to feel all the queer joy as you watch this new series. 

If you loved the soundtrack, check out the new and updated Spotify Heartstopper: Official Playlist as well as the special character playlists so you can pretend you’re Nick and CharlieTara and Darcy, or Elle and Tao

MUSIC: Cheerleader by Ashnikko  

Ashnikko is known for giving us some seriously iconic sapphic bops like the viral hit Slumber Party. This week she released her new track Cheerleader which will feature on her upcoming album WEEDKILLER (out 25 August). 

The singer explains that the song is largely a commentary on the unrealistic beauty standards we hold ourselves to. “It’s twisting this perfect cheerleader into a monstrosity. It’s a commentary on the need to be fuckable to be commercially viable, and I really do feel that pressure,” she explained. 

“It’s so tiring and played out. No matter how much logic I’ve built up in my head, there’s still some carnal part of my brain that says ‘You have to be fuckable to sell this music, bitch!’ It’s draining on my spirit and makes me feel like I have literal car exhaust in my brain.”

BOOK: Lush Lives by J. Vanessa Lyon

Looking for a new queer read? Look no further than Lush Lives by J. Vanessa Lyon which hit the shelves this week. This queer and sexy novel follows struggling artist Glory Hopkins who inherits her aunt’s house in Harlem. After making an alliance with Parkie de Groot – an auction house appraiser – the pair begin a journey which takes them into Harlem’s past… with some queer action along the way. 

MUSIC: Love Song by LP 

This new track by multi-platinum, singer-songwriter artist LP has finally dropped this week. Having written for the likes of Cher, Rihanna, the Backstreet Boys, and Leona Lewis, this new 80s-inspired song is just one of the tracks on their upcoming album Love Lines which comes out on 29 September. 

BOOK: Falling Back in Love with Being Human by Kai Cheng Thom 

If you’re looking for a new summer read, then you’re in luck. Kai Cheng Thom has just published her new, deeply intimate book Falling Back In Love With Being Human. Growing up as a Chinese Canadian transgender girl, Kai’s new book deals with loving both herself and those around her in order to truly fall back in love with being a human despite all our flaws. 

MUSIC: Soft Landing by Art School Girlfriend

And to wrap up this week’s new releases, we have one hot off the press. Art School Girlfriend (AKA Polly Mackey) has just released her second album Soft Landing today. Her debut album Is It Light Where You Are? made a splash in the sapphic community, so the tracks on Soft Landing are definitely ones to add to your playlist today.

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