Taking place on 8 July, protesters will meet at Trafalgar Square at 1pm BST 


As transphobia rises in the UK, protests like London Trans Pride have become more important than ever for advocating for trans rights and equality. This year’s London Trans Pride will take place on 8 July at 1pm BST, starting in Trafalgar Square. 

The first London Trans Pride took place in 2019 in order to protest against the growing waves of transphobia in the UK. This year’s protest has seen huge support, including a Kickstarter campaign which has received over £11,000 in donations. 

Here is everything you need to know about London Trans Pride 2023. 

Where should I go to join London Trans Pride?

Head down to Trafalgar Square for 1pm BST on 8 July to be a part of the march. 

What is the route for London Trans Pride? 

The total distance for the London Trans Pride march is around 1.35 miles and it’s estimated that it will take between one and one and a half hours. It begins at Trafalgar Square and heads towards Hyde Park Corner where the march will end. 

Will London Trans Pride be fully accessible? 

While the event has not confirmed full accessibility, London Trans Pride have put in place a number of provisions to provide access resources. BSL interpreters are being secured to provide live interpretation during speeches after the march in Wellington Arch. The team have also scouted routes which are wheelchair accessible. 

The team advises that people who have sensory issues should bring ear-protection if they need to as the event will be loud. They are expecting crowds of 20,000 people, so for those who don’t feel comfortable in big crowds, it is advised to stay either at the front or on the edges of the march. 

Will there be a welfare team at London Trans Pride?

Yes. In addition to stewards and legal observers, London Trans Pride will have the help from @SafeOnlyLtd who are a non-profit, queer-run harm reduction and welfare service. They will be on site to help if you need any assistance. 

Are there any alternative route plans I can take if I can’t walk the full distance? 

There are no alternative route plans, but the London Trans Pride team have identified three stop off points for people if they would like to take a break. These include: Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain at Piccadilly Circus, Waterstones Piccadilly, and the Statue of Diana and Green Park. 

Are there toilets on the London Trans Pride route? 

Yes! These include: Trafalgar Square public toilets, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Pizza Express Charing Cross, The Old Shades pub, Green Park public toilets, and Bandstand public toilets. 

How do I find the front of the march?

The London Trans Pride team are planning to leave via the south-east entrance of the Square. There will also be signs indicating the front of the march. In order to make sure you’re at the front of the march, the team advises you to arrive early. 

Will there be a first aid team? 

Yes, a team of first-aiders will be present. If you need medical help on the day, go to a steward who will be able to take you to a first aider. 

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