Netflix’s hit show has escaped the sapphic cancellation curse


Everyone, this is not a drill — XO, Kitty is really coming back for season two! Considering how rare this is for new shows that have queer women as leads, we are currently overcome with excitement. Although it’s sad that a sapphic show being renewed is cause for shock, and our community deserves so much more than being thrown a bone every now and again, we will dwell on that later. Right now, we know that we have more sapphic content coming our way (hopefully soon after that finale…) and that’s a cause for celebration.

The series had an impressive 72.1 million hours of viewing in its first week, and was on the top 10 lists in about 90 countries across the world. At the moment there aren’t many details surrounding the upcoming season, but while we wait patiently, let’s reflect on what made the first season so iconic.

WLW/MLM solidarity with these two…

XO, Kitty. (L to R) Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey, Anthony Keyvan as Q in episode 110 of XO, Kitty. Cr. Park Young-Sol/Netflix © 2023

Kitty’s friendship with Q has to be one of the best things to come out (no pun intened) of Kitty’s time in Korea. Not only did she come to the realisation that she wasn’t straight, but she also had a bestie who could understand what she was experiencing.

Speaking of Kitty’s sapphic awakening…

XO, Kitty. Gia Kim as Yuri in episode 106 of XO, Kitty. Cr. Park Young-Sol/Netflix © 2023

This scene when Kitty becomes entranced by Yuri was so relatable. I know some people find the whole “unable to tear your eyes away” thing cheesy, but can anyone really say they haven’t ever had a moment when someone’s beauty stopped them in their tracks?

But Kitty isn’t the only one in love with Yuri…

XO, Kitty. (L to R) Regan Aliyah as Juliana, Gia Kim as Yuri in episode 103 of XO, Kitty. Cr. Park Young-Sol/Netflix © 2023

I am personally a very big fan of the relationship between Yuri and Juliana — sorry Kitty. Even though we only got about five minutes of screen time with them together, Juliana was the one person that Yuri couldn’t stop talking about. All she wanted was to be reunited with her girlfriend, and as a lesbian in a long distance relationship, I felt her pain.

But let’s talk about “I can’t lose you either” (in a gay way)

XO, Kitty. (L to R) Gia Kim as Yuri, Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey in episode 109 of XO, Kitty. Cr. Park Young-Sol/Netflix © 2023

I do see why people ship Kitty with Yuri. I mean… this moment when Yuri was teaching Kitty the traditional dance was very queer. In this photo, the hand placement alone almost had me shipping it too.

There were so many great things about this series, so it’s no wonder that everyone is so excited!

If you need us, we’ll be rewatching XO, Kitty on loop until the next season comes out…

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