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It’s Pride month, come join the celebration! The L Word star Rachel Shelley and DIVA Magazine editor extraordinaire, the resplendent Roxy Bourdillon, celebrate DIVA’s rainbow-tastic Pride issue. Together they dig deep into your favourite LGBTQIA glossy magazine, with curiosity and laughter.

The two discuss:

  • Amber Whittington, our spine-tinglingly stunning cover star, aka Amber’s Closet.
  • Pride – in the city and in rural areas.
  • Your very first Pride (everyone remembers their first time…).

Here’s a teaser…

Plus, we have an exclusive Beyond Borders feature starring you, the DIVA listener. This month: Vicki Blight from Abergavenny, Wales.

Vicki is a presenter, producer and voice over artist for BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Wales and Virgin Radio. Thank you Vicki!

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