WARNING: This article contains grim, bloody spoilers


Season two of Yellowjackets has been intense in so many ways and there are so many moments that have been seared into our brains forever. For me, the most jarring scene was after Javi died… and we saw Travis take a bite out of his raw, bloody heart. I suppose the sentiment there was to make sure that a piece of his brother’s heart would always be a part of him, but it was still one of the most disturbing scenes.

Before we get into the craziness of the finale, let’s review the highlights of the season…

  • There were plenty of laughs when it came to Shauna’s family. After Shauna told her daughter the truth about what happened with Adam, every scene with their family had me screaming because of how okay they all seemed to be about Shauna’s little mishap — my favourite crime family ever.
  • When we finally actually saw how they survived and how it got to the point where they were hunting each other it was genuinely terrifying but brilliant. Sorry to Jackie but they were getting real hungry and the wilderness practically cooked her to perfection…
  • Callie’s line, “At least it’s better than telling him it was the guy she killed!” I think about this line three times a day, it’s genuinely hilarious to me.
  • Taissa reaching out to Van after realising how bad her sleepwalking had gotten. Love the reunion, but it’s a shame about the tragic circumstances… I cannot get that image of her dog’s head on a table out of my head fast enough!

Now about that finale…

Firstly, I am so obsessed with how they tied up the Adam Martin problem. Jeff was so sweet to try to go down for his wife (even after she cheated on him and killed her lover), and his panic after the police officer died had me cracking up. Speaking of men sticking up for their partners… Misty’s new boyfriend, Walter, really came through, he truly is her perfect match in supporting her murdering tendencies. He was truly effective in making sure that the Yellowjackets wouldn’t have to worry about the Adam problem anymore so everyone say thank you to Walter, what a guy!

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

Then, of course, we have to talk about Natalie’s death and the circumstances of that. The adult Yellowjackets end up doing their wilderness ritual of deciding who will be hunted and sacrificed. Although Shauna is selected, the person who ends up dying is Natalie. As she moves to protect her new friend from Misty, she ends up being accidentally injected with fast-acting poison. It made me think about Natalie’s past experience of being selected to be hunted when they were in the wilderness, and fate taking Javi’s life instead. I have a feeling that the next season is going to show us that we cannot begin to understand anything that has happened to the Yellowjackets, and everything the Yellowjackets themselves think they know might fall apart.

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

Finally, the burning cabin. So it was definitely Coach Ben that did that right? I’ve chosen to believe that and therefore I’m choosing to hate him. Just because your football team have now become cannibals doesn’t mean you should burn them all! Now you’re even worse than they were (and are they really that bad? I mean yeah kinda, but they’re surviving).

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

All in all… I’m ready for the next season. Like now. This season was a lot but still not enough for me to be at peace.

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