The queer icon opened up in a recent interview with Rolling Stone


Janelle Monáe is in the midst of promoting their upcoming project The Age Of Pleasure, which means we’re getting a lot more content to obsess over. On 22 May, the star shared an interview they did with Rolling Stone which is an absolutely beautiful read. Although the article is filled with insight and honesty about the innner workings of Janelle’s mind — sapphics on social media are, understandably, very fixated on one particular quote from Janelle: “I’m much happier when my titties are out and I can run around free”.

Here are some of our favourite responses to the quote…

It is truly wonderful to see Janelle embracing themself in this way, because it can be difficult for many LGBTQIA people. Showing her love to the community, Janelle states, “Community has been so helpful to me; it’s beautiful that I have a title called The Age Of Pleasure because it actually re-centers me. It’s not about an album anymore. I’ve changed my whole fucking lifestyle.”

Let’s have another look at Janelle’s latest music video to bask in their happiness…

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