We’re so ready for My Soft Machine


Four long months ago, Arlo Parks announced the release date for her next project and we have been counting down the days since then. We’re so excited that we can finally say there is only one week left until 26 May, when My Soft Machine will be gracing our ears! About this album, Arlo said “It’s the most raw and brave I’ve ever been” so we should really be prepared for a magical and emotional experience.

Out of a tracklist of 12 songs we’ve heard four already — let’s revisit them…


The first single released from the album and a perfect one for building anticipation as Arlo sings out, in an aching tone, “I don’t wanna wait for you, but I need you so I won’t go”. This one is all about the pain of feeling like you need someone even though they’re no longer treating you the way that you deserve.


Her next release was this gorgeous celebration of experiencing a love where your “impurities” are embraced, and it makes you feel like home.


A personal favourite of mine, Blades is a super groovy track about having deeply loving relationships with your friends.

Pegasus ft. Phoebe Bridgers

The most recent single Arlo has released, rightly dubbed by her as “the ultimate bisexual crossover”, is about “the purity and rarity of true love”.

If you haven’t already pre-ordered the album, go do it now at shop.arloparksofficial.com/.

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