A love story that mirrors the lived experiences of queer director, Anna Cottrill


In an era where many LGBTQIA stories on screen are being lost to cancellation or lack of media support, it is more important than ever to bring awareness to work being created by queer people for queer people.

Pictures Of Our Past will be a Parakeet Media film, and it is directed by Anna Cottrill who has shown her passion for creativity in her previous work (most recently Teach Me, an animated short that explores special educational needs in school).

Working alongside her are Peter Lavery (writer), Joe Andrews (producer), and Jakob Schröcksnadel (cinematographer). As they have worked together on projects before, Pictures Of Our Past shows great promise to be executed well.

Parakeet Media shared a description of the film in a recent Instagram post:

Anna Cottrill, the director of this film made the following statement, “As a director, the story explores that first real relationship lingering as a faint yet pivotal part of your life. It mirrors my experiences with my first girlfriend — a longing to stay in the bubble of youth and our hometown, but as we entered into our adult lives, and I moved to London on my own, we naturally grew apart. It is a story about closure, something I think to be universally relatable, we would all want more closure on how those first loves ended. An opportunity to reassure our younger selves it is natural to grow, even if that is to grow apart. As a director, something that motivated me to get into film was my want to see the representation of LGBT+ stories with a focus on authentic emotions and people. Pictures Of Our Past tells a queer love story, but as the director, a queer love story is my lived experience, not a trope. So through my eyes Pictures of our Past is just a love story, a love story I would want to watch.”

Team DIVA is committed to continuing to support and bring awareness to LGBTQIA experiences, and it is beautiful to witness more and more of our commmunity tell their own stories, and be in charge of their own narratives. Support the creation of this film by donating to their GoFundMe here.

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