What better time to buy some merch that flies the aro flag


Aromanticism/Aro is an umbrella orientation, generally referring to the experience of those who do not have romantic attraction and forge connection and relationships in alternative ways. People can exist anywhere along the aro spectrum, from no romantic feelings at all to varied levels of romantic attraction that fluctuate, those that identify with the latter are called aroflux.

Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week is an annual observation raising awareness for the community and offering an alternative to the romantically-focused month of February. What better way to celebrate the week than with some aromantic merch!

All brands that are listed are queer-owned.

Aromantic Magnetic Bracelet (Black Leather/Silver Clasp)

Gay Pride Shop £8.00 

Aromantic Handmade Skinny Tie

Gay Pride Shop £12.00 

Aromantic Pride Books Shirt

YA Novel Designs £18.57

Aroflux Pride Flag Mug

Rainbow and Co £12.99 

Aromantic Mushroom Socks

On Trend Shirts £16.05

If you identify as aromantic or wish to explore this orientation, Aces & Aros offer online support and information.

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