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Wow it’s been a busy few weeks in the world of The L Word: Generation Q. Break ups, make ups, chosen family and actual family, proposals, donors, heart attacks, sex, love, loss, fighting, a musical episode and even an appearance from THE Dana Fairbanks brought to us via Alice’s ayahuasca trip. In other words, it’s been a pretty typical few episodes of our favourite sapphic show. 

Warning: Spoilers

Episode 306 

Musical time. When I first heard that Gen Q was planning on doing a musical episode I was sceptical and quite rightly confused how this would fit into the usual tone of the show. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The work retreat/hippy ayahuasca trip that Alice treats the employees of her show to, is kind of genius. It sent some of the key characters down a soul-searching journey to find the one. It also allowed The L Word we know and love to explode into a whole other universe and most importantly it brought back one of the original show’s most beloved characters. 

Talking Points

  • The return of Dana. Appearing in Alice’s trip on an 80s game show, she wins the chance to be with Dana one last time. This hit me with all of the emotions and had me begging for the show to undo Dana’s death, that broke Alice’s and all our hearts, back in season three of the original L Word. Dana also hints to Alice that she has already met the one, which leaves us with an exciting game of guess who.
  • Finley and Sophie break up. Sophie’s trip leads her down another musical path in which she and Fin appear in a 1950s style, studio sitcom: “Finley’s House.” Sophie quickly realises she is living her life by Finley’s rules and not her own and when she comes out of the trip she knows what she has to do. Was I gutted? Yes. Was I surprised? Not at all. 
  • Shane’s trip takes us back to the 40s where she is depicted as a sailor who is on their way to Dana’s to watch a glamorous pinup version of Tess perform. She is chased by others girls throughout the sequence, but at the end decides to take the leap off of a building and into a car with Tess. 

Episode 307 

As a butch lesbian myself, this was another exciting episode with more screen time for Carrie, Finley and Misty. Whilst Carrie’s and Misty’s flirtation continues, Carrie picks up the pieces of Fin’s breakup and takes on a parental role. This intergenerational butch connection is powerful to watch! 

Talking Points 

  • Butch Bowling. There’s not much to say other than watching all those hot butches in matching uniform was a bit much for this butch to cope with (see image below.)
  • Fletcher. Lesbian singer Fletcher makes an appearance for her album launch that Dani is hosting. It was so fun seeing our fav characters get as excited for this as we all were. 
  • The love triangle. The lesbian love triangle between ex fiances, Sophie, Dani and the mysteriously sexy Dre continues, I’m here for it. 


Episode 308 

The chosen family theme of this thanksgiving episode was brilliant, bringing lots of the characters together as well as the lovely Suarez family, who are a joy to watch on screen. 

Talking Points 

  • Finley’s mum and Carrie’s showdown. Of course it wasn’t all joyful and Finley’s bigoted mum shows up unannounced for thanksgiving dinner at Dana’s. Carrie isn’t having any of it and when Fin’s mum asks who Carrie is she replies “I’m Carrie I’ve been filling in in your absence.”
  • Dre and Dani’s thanksgiving hangout. Dre can’t get home to their family so the pair hunker down for a makeshift dinner at Dani’s, as it appears things between them are moving pretty quickly. 
  • Meribel’s proposal! After losing her ring for most of the day, and worrying it had fallen into the mashed potato, it’s recovered and she finally pops the question to Micah. Oh and they finally secure a donor to have a baby, things are finally working out for this beloved couple.
  • Angie’s revenge. Egged on by Shane, Angie takes out her anger at her creative writing teacher/ex by smashing his car window and stealing back the homemade book she made him. I loved this as I high-key disliked their romance.

Episode 309 

It’s the penultimate ep and the drama is amping up a notch every week. We are finally reunited with Tibette who are glowing in all the smugness of their rediscovered love. There are also some huge moments for the rest of the cast …

Talking Points 

  • Alice is cancelled and the return of Tasha. After James Corden retweets a video of Alice kicking off at the cinema, her fans turn on her and she is cancelled online. Later in the episode she loses her cat and the fire brigade come to her rescue, revealing the latest revival of an OG L Word character, Alice’s ex Tasha. Could she be the one that Dana hinted at?
  • Carrie’s heart attack and butch sex scene. A busy week for our favourite butch on the block. After recovering from her heart attack her and Misty finally get their sex scene, its stripped back, raw and sensual, everything one might hope for.
  • Angie goes back. Tina confronts Angie’s professor in front of her entire class pushing Angie further away from her mums and closer to her teacher, who quits his job leaving them free to date?
  • The Tibette proposal. What a moment that we have been waiting years for. Here’s to the wedding of the decade, which I’m hoping will close the season tomorrow night. I’ll certainly be watching tissues at the ready.

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