The campaign from the Across Rainbows team has just launched an app with an interactive map of safe spaces


Mum and Son, Luciana and Nicholas, founded Across Rainbows in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, with a mission to connect and inspire queer people to be their authentic selves. Soon came ARCOBALENO, found in the middle of Kemptown in Brighton, a multi-faceted LGBTQ+ café, bar, restaurant and event space. With many queer spaces having to close over the pandemic and struggling during the cost of living crisis, this space is a beacon of hope for all of the Brighton community. Now Across Rainbows have started up their new initiative Back Off. Back Up.

The #BackOffBackUp campaign responds to the sobering fact that trans hate crime increased by 37% last year, offences linked to sexual orientation by 25% and 3 in 10 LGBTQIA people avoid certain streets because they don’t feel safe. Even in queer friendly and diverse cities like Brighton, our community needs support to feel safe.

To combat these statistics, Back Off. Back Up. has become a signal that it is ok to ask for help across Brighton’s array of shops, restaurants, bars and cafés who will provide safe, non-judgemental spaces for those in need. But it is more than just a sticker in a window. These participating businesses, as well as Across Rainbows, are vocalising across their social media platforms the importance of street safety and what they are actively doing to help the LGBTQIA community combat .

In November Across Rainbows also launched their app which marks an exciting digital upgrade for the campaign, listing all their partnered safe venues on an interactive map and showing which services they provide in order to off the best possible help.

The app also features a five star safety rating system for each venue, allowing users to review their experience and let the Across Rainbows team know where there may be room for improvement.

Sometimes it is just important to know that there is support out there, whether we use it or not; Brighton LGBTQIA folk you are not alone on the streets of your city.

Download the app here today.

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