Let’s go, lesbians 💗


Let’s go, lesbians! We’re trending on Twitter and this is not a drill. With over 69.4K tweets, it’s trending across the United Kingdom and the States. We’ve gone international.

This week, Scooby Doo finally confirmed the beautiful news that Velma is a lesbian and our timelines are full of it. Fan art is circulating and the excitement is everywhere. We’ve truly won. @ol_darbs summed up the public mood:

@geeforreal created a hella cute Velma illustration:

…and @forsapphic spoke the truth:

Velma’s great news isn’t the only thing people are talking about, either. People are using it as a platform to lift one another up and provide essential visibility, discussing everything from compulsory heterosexuality to lesbian strength.

@CaitSloth said it:

@riomat7 so succinctly puts it:

This couldn’t have come at a better time. Excitingly, October 8 marks International Lesbian Day, a day for lesbians the world over to come together to celebrate lesbian history, Diversity and culture.

So, let’s remember to uplift all lesbians everywhere. Trans lesbians, non-binary lesbians, butches and femmes: we see you. We did it.

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