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Is an uplifting movie night your favourite way to unwind? Then this recent release may be just what you need! The Last Conception is a multi-cultural lesbian rom-com directed by Gabriela Ledesma and produced by Poison Picture and it is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Lesflicks and other streaming services across Europe and the US.

The story follows Savarna Sikand (Nazanin Mandi), an Indian-American embryologist who is in a relationship with university student Charley Burnell (Callie Shuttera). The Sikands end up accepting Savarna’s coming out as lesbian, but a wild discovery about the family’s lineage changes their lives. Lesbian and religiously sceptic Savarna is now her family’s only hope to continue their sacred bloodline.

The film was adapted from a novel of the same title written by American author Gabriel Constans. The writer himself worked on the screenplay.

The cast, which includes acting veteran Marshall Manesh in the role of Savarna’s father, delivers genuine and charismatic performances that make up one of the film’s major strengths.

Speaking about the acting, director Gabriela Ledesma said in an interview: “I think the beautiful thing about the Sikand family is that they have always rooted themselves in each other.” 

The two staple themes of The Last Conception are the protagonist’s identity as a lesbian and woman of science and her family’s religious values, coming into collision not because of any inherent bigotry but due to life’s unpredictability.

The Last Conception is a cheerful, queer family comedy and a lovely piece of entertainment about queer love and the quirkiness of all families.

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