Non-binary activist and journalist Tom Pashby has launched a petition calling for the retailer to stop excluding non-binary people


Argos was amongst the many corporations that incorporated the rainbow Pride colours into their logo this June. Pride month may be over, but we need companies to celebrate and include LGBTQI people all year-round.

At the time of writing this, 10k+ people have signed a petition calling that UK retailer, Argos, add the gender-neutral title Mx to their order forms. The petition was launched on 3 July 2022 by non-binary activist and journalist Tom Pashby, who founded the LGBTQI campaign called Include Mx. This follows years of requests from Argos customers that the retailer make their forms more accessible to non-binary people.

In an article for PinkNews Tom explained why it’s important that Argos include Mx: “I ordered some household goods from Argos during the first few months of the pandemic and had to misgender myself to get the deliveries. I decided it was time to put my campaigns and communications skills to use, mainly with the selfish aim of being able to use forms without having to think about my own gender, but also to make life easier for fellow non-binary and agender people, and anyone else who doesn’t want to reveal their gender identity to corporations who probably only want that information for targeted marketing purposes.”

“When I saw Argos had changed their logo in June this year to incorporate the Pride flag, including the trans pride colours, I was hopeful that this meant they had chosen to include Mx after years of requests from non-binary people, including public calls from my campaign Include Mx. Regrettably, this was not the case. Their online order forms still require you to choose a title from Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms and Dr. If you’re a man, imagine not seeing a masculine title (Mr) and having to select from Mrs, Miss, Ms or Dr? It’s annoying and you would probably select one which you don’t want to use just to get the order confirmed.”

On 5 July, a spokesperson for Argos’ parent company, Sainsbury’s, tweeted a response: “We want to be an inclusive retailer where everyone feels welcome. Some of our colleagues and customers have told us they would like to use a gender-neutral title when they work and shop with us.”

On the same day, Argos responded confirming their intention to add the title: “We have listened to this feedback and added Mx as an option on our Groceries Online service and colleague HR system. But we know we need to go further and we want to offer this across our entire business.”

Whilst it’s positive to see the organisation is aware of the demands, have begun to make small changes and acknowledge the need to do more business-wide – as of this moment, Mx has still not been added to their order forms.

Want to have your voice heard? Sign the petition here.


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