Valentino Vecchietti, founder of Intersex Equality Rights UK, redesigned the flag to include intersex in 2021


2022 marks 50 years of Pride in the UK, and to celebrate, The Crown Estate has commissioned 100 Pride Flags to hang above Regent Street as London embarks on its first Pride in London in three years. Designed by intersex activist Valentino Vecchietti, these new Pride Progress flags incorporate the intersex flag, including a new yellow triangle and a purple circle to better represent the intersex community.

Importantly, this year’s Pride in London parade will follow the original route of the 1972 parade, navigating down Piccadilly through to Whitehall. Notably, Regent Street’s use of flags has become synonymous with celebration and cultural inclusion, with a recent example including the Union Jacks for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. To have the revised Pride Progress flag displayed along one of the busiest streets in the country is history in the making.

Valentino Vecchietti (she/they) works extensively in culture as a writer, artist, presenter and public speaker, to create intersex inclusion and visibility. In 2020 & 2021 the Lesbian 100 List recognised their work as an intersex community campaigner. In those same years their intersex-focussed work in journalism, media and culture was recognised on the Pride Power List. In 2019, Valentino founded Intersex Equality Rights UK, an intersex-led organisation seeking to create systemic change through working together with organisations for inclusion and representation. In 2021, Valentino redesigned the Progress Pride flag, creating the Intersex-Inclusive Pride Flag. After going viral on the internet, it was internationally welcomed as the new Pride flag, increasing intersex visibility globally, and culminating in Lewis Hamilton wearing Valentino’s flag on his helmet at the Qatar Grand Prix. 

Valentino states: “We need to see flags that include, support, and celebrate our community. Therefore, I designed our new Intersex- Inclusive Pride flag. It creates significant cultural inclusion, and I am thrilled that our flag will fly high above the iconic Regent Street marking an important step in raising awareness.”

Simon Harding-Roots, Managing Director for London at The Crown Estate, remarks: “We’re thrilled to be playing a small part in helping to continue important conversations, and show our solidarity and support for the LGBTQI community, on one of London’s most iconic global destinations, where everyone is able to be themselves and belong.”

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