“This was such a big moment because this would have been the first time where I truly could tell if she’s OK”


In February, WNBA star, Brittney Griner, was arrested after customs officials allegedly found hashish oil in her luggage in an airport near Moscow. However, news of her detainment didn’t break until early March. Since then, the State Department has designated Brittney Griner as being wrongfully detained. Ever since the news was released, there has been growing concern over Brittney’s wellbeing and safety and our thoughts have also been with her loved ones, especially her wife, Cherelle Griner.

Saturday (18 June) was Cherelle and Brittney’s fourth wedding anniversary, it also sadly marked the 121st day of Brittney’s wrongful detainment. A scheduled call had been arranged through Brittney’s lawyers and the U.S. embassy in Russia so that Cherelle and Brittney could share a call for the first time in over four months. However, Cherelle never got to speak to her wife.

At first, Cherelle worried that the call had been blocked however, on June 20 she found out the disappointing truth. Brittney had actually tried to make contact with her wife 11 times, but each time the call went unanswered because the desk at the embassy was apparently unstaffed on Saturday.

Cherelle told the Associated Press, that a contact in the U.S. government has apologised for the “logistical error”. However Cherelle remains “very pissed” by the ordeal. The call had, after all, been on schedule for two weeks and no one had warned her that the number Brittney had been told to dial generally processes calls between Mondays and Fridays.

Cherelle has said: “This was such a big moment because this would have been the first time where I truly could tell if she’s OK.”

“This would have been the first time for me to actually just hear her in real time and to truly know if she’s OK or to know if she’s seconds away from not being in existence anymore.”

“I find it unacceptable and I have zero trust in our government right now. If I can’t trust you to catch a Saturday call outside of business hours, how can I trust you to actually be negotiating on my wife’s behalf to come home? Because that’s a much bigger ask than to catch a Saturday call.”

To commemorate the anniversary, Cherelle posted a reel onto her Instagram page showing a happy memory of the couple filled with smiles and love. The comment section was filled with followers wishing the couple a happy anniversary as well as sharing the hashtags #FreeBrittneyGriner and #BringBGHome. Team DIVA are amongst the many wanting to see Brittney Griner brought safely home.


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